Feb 2nd End-of-Day Update

As of this evening (Feb 2) we have implemented certain site changes that we believe will mitigate the root cause of today's performance problems. More complex changes will be made over the coming days and weeks.

We're also maintaining enhanced monitoring procedures overnight and into the typical Tuesday morning busy period. If any problems do arise, we'll know immediately and we'll keep you posted on this blog. Traffic has been very smooth this afternoon but load has been fairly low so we're still being cautious.

(And while we don't anticipate the need to bring the site offline again for further changes, we'll reserve that option if the situation requires it.)

All of us are truly sorry for the frustration and inconvenience this has caused many of our customers. We'll do a full post-game analysis in a future posting; for now we're all working very hard to maintain a good user experience on our application. 

Contact us at support@clicktime.com if there's anything we can do to help.


-ClickTime Web Operations